I Dream of Gene-ie: Scientists discover genes that can control deep sleep


Could nightmares be controlled or even eliminated?

New research indicates that it could at least be possible following the discovering of two genes that are responsive for nightmares and dreams.

Scientists in Japan, in a new study, identified a pair of genes that can regulate rapid eye movement and non-REMP sleep an animal experienced.

The scientists modified mouse genes and genetic screening to determine the factors that could cause sleep abnormalities.

The researchers, from The University of Tokyo, genetically modified mice so they no longer had genes that coded for the chemical messenger acetylcholine, which is released in high amounts when mammals are in REM sleep.

Removing these genes involved knocking out two genes known as Chrm 1 and 3, which are widely distributed across different regions of the brain.

Removing Chrm 1 caused the mice to have short, fragmented periods of REM sleep, while taking out Chrm 3 reduced their length of non-REM shut eye.

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