DNA could lead to justice for boy robbed at North Carolina lemonade stand


By NICK SLOAN, Genetic Jackpot

DNA has helped crack numerous unsolved murder cases and rape cases across the country.

Then there’s this – it could play a hand in finding the suspect who robbed a 9-year-old child who was operating a lemonade stand in North Carolina.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office said the boy was held up by a teenager late last week, netting the crook a grand total of $17.

So far, authorities have discovered evidence, including a hat, BB pistol and a metal cash box. The box is being tested for fingerprints and DNA, The New York Post reports.

Here’s the full press release from the sheriff’s office in Monroe, NC:

Union County Sheriff’s Deputies are pursuing leads in connection with a robbery occurring at the roundabout near the entrance to St. John’s Forest around 3:00 pm yesterday. Deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery involving a 9 year old boy selling lemonade.

The boy was allegedly approached by a teenage black male suspect wearing a camo hat and black shirt. The suspect allegedly stuck a black handgun to the boy’s stomach, demanded money and fled the scene on foot.

While searching the area for the suspect, deputies located a trail in the woods where a camo hat, a black colored BB handgun and the stolen metal tin were recovered. Deputies believe the suspect left a bicycle and walked from there to the lemonade stand before the robbery.

If anyone has information that might assist detectives in this matter, please notify the Sheriff’s Office or Union County Crimestoppers.

Episode 5: DNA’s Role in the Golden State Killer Case

220px-Original_Night_Stalker-East_Area_RapistFor years, authorities in California have pursued an individual believed to be responsible for at least 12 murders, more than 50 rapes and over 100 burglaries.

This week, a suspect was arrested after matching crime scene DNA with genetic material that was stored by a distant relative on GEDmatch.

The case has garnered compliments for crafty police work, but also generated some privacy concerns.

Joining Shannon Halligan and Nick Sloan in this special episode to discuss the Golden State Killer case is Michael Tabman, a retired agent from the FBI and security consultant.